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Teachers can create, manage and share academic content, upload assignments which can be accessed by students anytime, anywhere and on any device! 


A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software platform that allows teachers to upload various teaching materials like documents, presentations and videos in one place, that can be made available to students over the internet.

 MyPal Online learning Environment (MOLE) is a cloud-based, easy-to-customize Learning Management System for Schools.
We offer a h
osted solution which includes:

  • Technical support for migration of lesson plans, instructional design, online course content development and assignments along with automated grading and evaluation
  • Ideal for schools who want to integrate technology with pedagogy in keeping with the high standards of teaching traditions they uphold.
  • Schools can make their courses fully online or teach through blended learning environment (blend of online and the traditional face-to-face learning)
  • School administrators can define the level of access and implement security measures with ease.
  • MyPal envisages that online courses developed by various schools / teachers can be shared in the public domain (at the option of the Schools/ Teachers) and used for educating several thousands of children who lack access to schools and dedicated teachers.

Some of the features of MOLE are:

  • Document Management: Upload and management of documents containing content. Teachers can easily adapt and reuse materials.
  • Course calendars: Creation and publication of course schedules, deadlines and tests which can be communicated to students/parents automatically.
  • Registration Control: Administrators can monitor and customize the registration processes of the e learning curriculum.
  • Distributed instructor and student base: Remote participation by the instructor or pupil allows courseware to feature multiple teachers or experts from across the globe.
  • Student Engagement: Teachers can engage students with visual media and digital content. In addition interaction between and among students, such as instant messaging, email, and discussion forums.
  • Assessment and testing: Creation of varied knowledge retention exercises such as short quizzes and comprehensive assessments and exams.
  • Grading and Scoring: Advanced tracking and charting of student performance over time.
  • Multiple device access: Delivery of course content over web-based interfaces such as desktops, phones or tablets.

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MOLE can reduce the burden of paperwork on teachers and leave with them sufficient time to innovate and teach. Teachers can engage students with visual media and digital content.

Let's face facts...cellphones and tablets and gadgets are here to stay and teachers can use these effectively in the classroom and incorporate international classroom collaboration, take part in global competitions and so much more.We live in a world wherein it's impossible to live without technology. We live and breathe technology - from the moment we wake up 'til we sleep. Innovation in education is inevitable, so is embracing technology.

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